Kayo Kono
creative director

Head Office: 56 rue du Faubourg Saint Denis 75010 Paris, France
+81 (0)80 6678 2288

As a professional wine buyer, she likes to focus and build up expertise, working for almost 20 years with European real vignerons, she is now also applying her savor-fair to the incredibly fine French distiller, Nicolas Julhès being the first in Japan since 2017 to promote Distillerie de Paris as well as revealing artisanal and artistic face of his creations.

“I am involved, I have a love for everything I do”

She partners with Nicolas across a lengthy list of responsibilities that extends well beyond sourcing; she also plans, designs, coordinates and communicates products & expriences, handles education, masterclass for clients and cultivates relationship with suppliers, industry partners and consumers. Well, in a word, all about brand relationship!